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Department of Culture Media Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Vision is a professional game outsourcing , game technology research and development company . The core members of several well-known game companies engaged in research and development , with mature commercial game development experience and superb game production technology , and participate in a variety of games to complete the development of the production of masterpieces . Participation in related projects : ( Fantasy Westward Journey , Dream World , Perfect World , predicted one , three blood , Zhou Chi , magical light and other merchandise )

The company is now in the stage of rapid development , has a strong technical strength and project management capabilities, and with many game developers , operators companies to cooperate , to undertake foreign 2D, 3D game development projects production. 

We are now focus in Mobile phone APP and Game related products development, and Art Outsourcing.

We are a young , energetic team , we are working for the development of local animation game industry into the offer to a force !

We are committed to making game art outsourcing and development of mobile Game and APP, we have a superb production ability and good management system, allows us to be competent for each game outsourcing project . We have a good integrity and quality , can provide a long-term , stable and high-quality production services to its customers. We are willing to outsource services at home and abroad need to game developers, publishers and operators to establish long-term, mutually beneficial partnership for the successful completion of your game development project to make our contribution .

Our courteous service perfect , our service philosophy : There is no best , only better ! We provide " high quality , low cost , fast " comprehensive services.

Our price value for money , our choice is equivalent to choose a successful one small step equals a major step towards success .

On price and quality , to protect the interests of our customers. For customers to gain greater market competitiveness and profitability , we have been pursuing. Let your peace of mind .
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